The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Mr. Mame Thierno Dieng was born on May 21, 1962 in Niakhene, in the heart of historical Cayor, in the current Department of Tivaouane, Senegal. He is a Professor of Medicine and a Senior Officer of the Senegalese Armed Forces.
Professor Dieng attended primary school in his birthplace before attending secondary school at Lycée Malick Sy in Thiès, where he obtained his baccalaureate degree (D series with honors) in 1982. Afterwards, he was admitted to the Military School of Health, marking his entry into the National Army with the rank of aspirant, being a cadet. During his medical course, he succeeded in the selective hospital internship competition which led him to a career as a teacher-researcher, in the specialty Dermatologie Vénérologie. His State Doctorate thesis was defended in 1989 in Dakar, with a very honorable mention.
His postdoctoral studies then led him to France at the University of Paris 7 (Faculty of Medicine Lariboisière Saint Louis), for two University Degrees in Leprology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, obtained in 1993. The Minister also holds the Certificate of Special Study in Dermatology of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (1999).
In 2002, Mame Thierno Dieng passed the competition of CAMES (Major). He was qualified and appointed as a Full Professor of Medicine in 2006.
Previously, Mr. Mame Thierno DIENG has served successively as:
   • Internal hospitals of Dakar (from January 1988);
    • Clinical Assistant Dermatology (from January 1994)
• Assistant Master (as of July 1999)
•Associate Lecturer (as of December 2002)
Professor Dieng has taught several courses at the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Odontostomatology of UCAD, including the modules of Dermato-venerology, Pediatrics, Semiology of dermatological elementary lesions etc. He also works in several other Senegalese and African Universities.
He is a member of several learned societies, including the Black African Medical Society, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Association of Francophone Dermatologists.
Mame Thierno Dieng is an experienced scholar, and known as one of the most respected dermatologists in Senegal and Africa. His commitment to the fight against depigmentation of the skin, a real scourge of public health, is recognized and praised.
He is the author of several scientific publications in international journals. He has also contributed to the writing of several books, among which "Dermatology in patients with black skin", Euromedecine, ediciones mLdicas Badalona 2008 (main coordinator of the book) and "Dermatological Therapeutics", Paris Flammarion, Medicine Science, edition 2001.
In parallel with this hospital-university career, the soldier quickly climbed all the ranks of junior and senior officer of the Army; Lieutenant in 1989, he reached the rank of Colonel in 2010.
Professor Mame Thierno Dieng was appointed Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development on September 07, 2017. He is married and has children.
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